24/7 Support Page

User support for access and setup assistance.

Broadcast Wireless

Complete property-wide Wireless High-Speed data networking.

High-Speed Data

Hard-wired Ethernet, VDSL and Cable Plant data networking.

Network Management Systems

A complete network management, monitoring and access control system.

Lobby Kiosk

Complete user computer kiosks for your lobby.

24/7 Technical Support

Accera Group provides quality 24/7 Internet Help Desk support your guests demand, as reliable internet access is a necessity for today's property Guests. Delivering superior service requires more than wires and routers. Providing a superior level of service is more about understanding your guest’s experience and abilities in today’s market. Providing knowledgeable, experienced technical support from a caring, customer-focused staff can make the difference between a solid return-on-investment and Guests that never return.

We provide support for all types of network, WiFi, CAT5 and Cable based networks. Our services include the following support:

  • Basic Wi-Fi Card Driver Support
  • SSID Configuration
  • Login Difficulties
  • Location Specific Coverage Issues
  • E-mail Support
  • VPN Support
  • General Questions regarding Service & Locations
  • New access Set-up
  • Time and Usage Questions

Over the years there has been all-around development in communication technologies and phenomenal growth has taken place in this field. Today's internet is more about multimedia-enabled applications, such as Voice, Data and Video communication.

At Accera Group, we believe we have the solutions to meet all the requirements of your business. Our exclusive technology works great in any situation and makes the impossible possible for clients who thought that large area wireless access with proper customer support was unaffordable. Our solution works anywhere in any situation – from a single station in a lobby to a large apartment complex or hotel to an RV campground. And it does it with simplicity.

We offer special per-room pricing depending on room volumes across your property group. Contact us today to discuss our complete equipment packages and services for your property.

Are you meeting Federal Requirements? The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act is a federal mandate with fines up to $10,000 per day when hotels are non-compliant! See for yourself. http://www.askcalea.net/calea/201.html