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PBX Replacement

PBX Replacement with a NEAC PBX or VoIP Solution.

Accera Group also offers a PBX replacement plan whereby we provide your property a replacement PBX with newer technology as an upgrade to your existing systems, for a flat rate per room on a contract basis. This will include all property General Maintenance Agreements (GMA), Telephone Services (Local and Long Distance) and support.

Our program is simple – We completely replace your existing systems with a new System tailored to your needs and desires. All systems will come complete with a new auto-attendant and voicemail.

The Choice is Yours.....

You can choose to replace your systems with more traditional PBX technology from NEC, or choose to leverage the power of our Hosted PBX Solutions, or the synergy of a traditional onsite IPPBX with SIP Trunking.

In any case we will be there to design, install and support the systems we sell today and in the future.

The Savings are Great.....
Using the power of our networks, we will provide you the following services and solutions for a fixed monthly expense per room. NO CAPITAL REQUIRED!

Benefits of our Solution:

   •   Unlimited Local Calling
   •   Unlimited Long Distance (US48 and Canada)
   •   Onsite Maintenance and Repair Services
   •   Programming and Changes at no additional cost
   •   A low monthly charge per room starting at $5.00