nSTREAMS Systems

System Components

movieSTREAMS™ Digital Media Server
nSTREAMS Hospitality Pay Movie Controller
Channel Modulators
Signal Combiner

Ordering Methods

Remote Control Ordering With RF Return or Optional With Telephone Return

Video Data Formats

MPEG-1 System Streams, NTSC or PAL MPEG-2 Program Streams, NTSC or PAL

Movie Port Number in One Chassis

8 Ports Minimum (for 60 to 100 Hotel Rooms), 32 Ports Maximum (For up to 1200 Hotel Rooms)

Movie Storage Size in One Chassis

36GB, 27GB Effective Minimum 108GB, 90GB Effective Maximum

Optional Clustered System

Up to 160 Ports and Up to Terabytes of Storage

Content Updates

Removable Disk Drive, CD-ROM Drive or Network Optional DVD-ROM, DAT Tape or Satellite
Video On-Demand

Look no further for Hospitality in-room entertainment and services. You have found your solution here at Accera, with a system produced by nSTREAMS. We have created an affordable turnkey solution for all your in-room entertainment and services needs.

Regardless how large or small your hotel or apartment complex is, we have a perfect turnkey solution for you. With our hospitality turnkey system, your commercial or residential complex immediately jumps up to a world-class facility with full digital video capability, where your customer's television instantly becomes an entertainment and information supercenter.

Initially designed as RF communication built on top of Cable Modem technology, the system now comes with built-in Laptop Connect capability.

  • Barker/Promotion Channel
  • On-Demand Movies
  • All Day Movies
  • Premium Channels Pass-Thru
  • Welcome Letter**
  • Folio Review**
  • Express Check-out**
  • Guest Messages**
  • Housekeeping Functionality**
  • Hotel Information**
  • Internet on TV***
  • PC Games on TV***
  • Internet-on-TV Shared Printing***
  • Parental Control
  • Multiple Language Menu System


**When connected to hotel Property Management System (PMS) and where hotel PMS is capable of supporting such functions.
***When used with Interactive Server Turnkey System.