24/7 Support Page

User support for access and setup assistance.

Broadcast Wireless

Complete property-wide Wireless High-Speed data networking.

High-Speed Data

Hard-wired Ethernet, VDSL and Cable Plant data networking.

Network Management Systems

A complete network management, monitoring and access control system.

Lobby Kiosk

Complete user computer kiosks for your lobby.

Lobby Kiosk

Each system includes the following features for your Guests and Property:
  • Customer information is secured and protected while on the system.
  • 24/7 monitoring and proactive customer service.
  • Anti-virus protection.
  • Restricted Websites: Users are prevented from visiting adult and other similar types of websites, which are sources of destructive viruses that compromise system operations and consume valuable bandwidth.
  • Automatic upgrades and updates for the software and hardware.
  • A secure default start page.
  • The latest in All-In-One computers

Accera Group can provide a proprietary, Web-based, all-in-one computer with service that allows hotel guests to enjoy an easy-to-use, always-on and secure Internet experience in the hotel’s lobby, common area or business center.

Accera Group is the perfect answer to business and leisure travelers' growing demands for convenient hotel lobby and business center Internet access -- a computer system that is fun, secure, easy and efficient.

Many people in business, tired of the hassle of getting laptops and other business equipment through airports, are happy to leave their laptops at home when they know there will be a computer service at the hotel from which they can stay connected to their office and home.

Leisure travelers have even more need to connect with home and office because they usually do not pack laptops for vacation time. They require being able to check in with family members and colleagues and to conduct the daily tasks that demand computer use in these modern times. Access to computers and the Internet in lobbies, other common areas and in their rooms, allows leisure travelers to have the same convenience and support they have at home.

For our Internet service customers we can provide computers in your lobby based on the available space, desks and power provided by the property owner. Terminals can be programmed with pre-paid access PINs by hour, day or week blocks.