Onsite Support & Monitoring

Complete monitoring of computers and networks.

Offsite Backup

Secure backup of your critical data at an offsite location.

Equipment Repair

Computer hardware and software repair and upgrade.

Computer Services
Accera Group takes the Worry out of the Workplace.

Accera Group delivers a full range of support for your computer system. Off-site monitoring, cloud-based management solutions, and on-site support and repair of both programs and physical systems are well within the scope of our abilities.

Meeting Budget Requirements

Accera group has a range of packages that suits your budget, your needs, and your expectations. Packages and services can be fitted on a per-property basis or company-wide. Simple flat monthly fees meet your budget demands while ensuring your network’s reliability. Our job is to make your job easier, by keeping your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Keeping Data Secure

File and data retention are critical to the long-term success of any business. Knowing the data you will need in the future is secure from blackouts, disasters or mischief, lets you focus on business at hand. We take the worry from you and place the burden on ourselves. That’s called A Commitment to Your Customers. That’s the Accera way.

Making Systems Work

Lets’ face it – things break. Even the machines with “no moving parts” can wear down or become outdated. Accera Group repairs everything from workstations to routers. When your equipment stops moving, that’s when we start moving. From spyware removal to motherboard replacement, Accera does what it takes to get you back on your feet.